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Understanding Check Requests

What is a Check Request?

A check request is a directed request to the Accounts Payable section of the Finance Department to issue funds to a vendor (or payee) via a check. Use the grid below to review if the business that you want to do is covered by a check request.


Use... When...
Dues and Subscriptions, Honorarium, Consultant (One-Time Payments), Reimbursements, Study Participants, Insurance Overpayment Refunds, Stipends

In cases when the check request exceeds $500, you will need to request a Purchase Order for approval first. Some examples are:

Create a Purchase
Order first when:
  • Consultant payments exceed $500 (also requires an HR 2.2 policy form)
  • Supplies being reimbursed to an employee are over $500
  • Books being reimbursed to an employee are over $500

These and other examples are available from the Institution's Policies.



How does this fit into my work flow?

The work flow for a check request is listed below. Steps 1 - 3 are necessary, but do not need to occur in the order listed; you can begin the form and save it as a draft.

  1. Gather the fund number and object code that will be used. Make sure all parties are aware of the transaction.
  2. For auditing purposes, most check requests require documentation to be sent to accounts payable for the request to be verified. Gather supporting details (Examples: receipts, invoices, Mount Sinai approved Purchase Order numbers).
  3. Instead of filling out a paper check request form, you will fill out and submit a form online.
  4. Like all transactions, a check request will go through at least 3 stages of approval (fund owner, departmental, and finance). Some of these stages may occur instantly, depending on the policies set up by your Department and Finance.
  5. If there is a discrepancy between the fund types, object codes, or required documentation, Accounts Payable (and/or other business units) will intervene when appropriate.
  6. Once all the requirements are satisfied for the transaction and the check request has completed its business, the requester receives an email stating that the check request has been approved and the check will be is issued according to the handling instructions specified.

What do I need start creating an online check request?

To create a check request, you will need:*

  • A properly configured Sinai Central Personal Profile with:
      • your email address, telephone number, Sinai box number (all entered in the Contact Info section)
      • your office location (entered in the Addresses section)
  • Order access rights to the fund(s) and object code(s) to which you will charge the Check Request
  • Receipts justifying the request (as needed)


*Note: Finance configures funds to allow specific types of transactions and specific object codes. Thus some funds cannot be used for Check Request transactions.  If you have a question about a fund's eligibility, speak to the fund owner(s) or Department Administrator(s).


How do I create a check request?

To create a Check Request, see the document Creating a Check Request.


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