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Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service section of Sinai Central contains tools that can be roughly grouped as: Personal Finances, Human Resources, Institutionally-required Forms, and Miscellaneous.

Sinai Central - First for New Users
If you are a new employee, this is a great time to introduce yourself to the Medical Center's online portal for Finance and Human Resources - called Sinai Central.
Overview of the Employee Self Service Menu
A guide to the ever-growing number of tools and forms relevant to Mount Sinai employees.
Personal Finance Self-Service Tools
Instructions for Online Payroll (e-paystubs), Tax forms, official Wage Notification, and salary sources, etc.
Personal Human Resource Self-Service Tools
Instructions for your personal Performance Appraisals, employment verification letters, designated emergency contacts, EEO survey, Grant-in-Aid applications, etc.
Institutionally Required Self-Service Forms
Instructions for forms commonly required on an annual basis, such as the annual security attestation, Occupational Health Survey questionnaire (OHSQ), Global Health travel waiver form, etc.
Miscellaneous Self-Service Tools for Employees
Instructions for various tools, such as editing your (external) Directory Profile, Clinical Reappointment applications (for Clinicians), Car Pool tool, Grant-compliance training, etc.
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