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Single Sign On Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Single Sign On authentication

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What is Single Sign On?

The Single Sign On portal is a gateway for web based applications that use Active Directory credentials. You only need to enter your username and password once to gain access to the applications that take advantage of this portal. A system that currently uses this Single Sign On site is PEAK (Portal for Education and the Advancement of Knowledge). Other systems will use this authentication method in the future.

What credentials should I be using to log in?

Use your Active Directory credentials. The following systems work with Active Directory credentials - if you can log into one of these systems, you can use them with the Single Sign On portal.

  • Active Directory
  • AtStaff
  • Blackboard
  • Epic
  • Exchange email account
  • Chief
  • OnsiteHealth / Juniper VPN
  • PEAK
  • Sinai Central
  • MagicWeb
  • Your workstation login

I can log into the Single Sign On page, but I cannot log into the system because of an error or expired account message. 

Single Sign On allows you to use one set of credentials for web based applications.
A prerequisite is that the application has an account setup and active for you.

Please contact the group that directly owns that application in case you run into this issue.

What if I have two Active Directory accounts?

Some systems use only one set of Active Directory credentials to authenticate your account. An example, you have a different username and password for your email and your workstation. You need to know what set of credentials to use to successfully enter into a system. On occasion, for users with two Active Directory accounts, one is not used often or has never been used at all. This may make the Single Sign On refuse your credentials.

Order of Preference

In order of preference, the Single Sign On will read Hospital Active Directory credentials first and then School Active Directory credentials second.
You can direct the Single Sign On site the credentials that you want to use by pre-pending the  "domain name\" to your username.

  • mssmcampus\username - School Active Directory domain
  • msnyuhealth\username - Hospital Active Directory domain

Why are my credentials are not working?

There can be a few reasons. Giving a call to the Help Desk will assist with clarifying if an account needs to be reset or if you need to be provisioned an account. Please specify what system you are attempting to log into.

Where Can I Go For Further Help?

If you need assistance with... Contact...
Further assistance with your credentials Call the Hospital's IT Help Desk: (212) 241.4357, or dial 4HELP.
PEAK (Portal for Education and the Advancement of Knowledge) or call the Training and Education Division of Human Resources at (212) 241.1944
Blackboard Call the Academic Support Center for IT: 212-241-7091.

What if I have never created a username or password for any system at the Mount Sinai Medical Center?


You can use the Sinai Central self-help services to provision an account. Sinai Central can be found at

  1. Click on the Login To Sinai Central link.
  2. Then click on the Can't access your account? New User?
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.


You may need to have credentials provisioned by Chief. The request for credentials will require a sponsor to provide a request on your behalf.

Non-employees can begin requesting accounts to be provisioned in PEAK beginning August 2013.


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